Higher Self is a surreal/crime/drama webcomic with a multimedia narrative.

Two drug addicts throw themselves into chaos in pursuit of different lifestyles. Hannibal needs to get his mind off his ex. Luckily, his summer vacation gets extended when a gentleman approaches him with an inviting proposition. It's been over a year since Dillard's significant other died, but his face still haunts Dillard's dreams and he can't seem to get his nosebleeds to stop. Follow their drug-influenced journeys of self discovery as Hannibal rises from dimebag dealer to mob boss, and Dillard moves through the stages grief from denial to acceptance.

CONTENT WARNING: Higher Self depicts substance abuse, strong language, drugs and alcohol, crime, graphic violence, sex, nudity, unhealthy relationships, spiritual/religious/psychedelic imagery, abuse, and mental illness.

Higher Self is intended for mature audiences

All characters depicted are 18+.


Johnny D-Lux

(Creator, Illustrator)



(Co-Author, Editor)