There's no set schedule for Higher Self. Chapters are released upon completion, but all updates and news are kept here.


Date Update Link
6/21/2022 Updated cast images for Anastasio and Rodney as well as a new one for Grigorios.
1/24/2022 Added playlists, links to investigate, more goofs, and squashed bugs.
10/25/2021 Added MG1 to home page. Updated "MORE" page: Playlists updated, fun memes added, wallpapers removed, revamped "ABOUT" page.
6/28/2021 New "MORE" page: wallpapers and playlists (both spotify and YT) are available! More bugs squashed!
4/2/2021 More squashed bugs for the newstable and background!
3/8/2021 Added a custom scrollbar, made a reading page template, added a news archive, and completed an episode of chapter 1.
2/21/2021 Chapter 1's script is finished. Chapter 1 production begins. Also fixed a link!
1/24/2021 Site release day! :D Logo replaced along with placeholder images! Plus minor bugs squashed.
1/17/2021 Minor bug fixes and improved background image accessibility for mobile
1/12/2021 8/10 cast portraits finished
12/21/2020 4/10 cast portraits finished, colors adjusted, comic nav buttons added
12/6/2020 2/10 cast portraits finished, chapter nav page finished, html+css for episode page template finished
11/15/2020 css finished besides placeholders images
11/9/2020 chapter 1 outline complete
10/26/2020 code for the landing page is complete!
10/24/2020 official html coding begins!
10/21/2020 custom domain active! :D (site under construction!)
10/20/2020 project officially named "Higher Self"
10/15/2020 website style and page contents complete (carrd)